Claypaky is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automated stage lighting equipment since 1976.

Nowadays Claypaky is a part of the multinational company Osram and a worldwide reference brand in the professional lighting industry.

The product range of Claypaky includes moving body fixtures, mirror projectors, colour-changers, strobes, projectors for architectural lighting, and various lighting effects.  Claypaky lights are used in top productions in the theatre, television, live events, the fashion world, fairs and exhibitions, and are installed in the best clubs, bars, theme parks, shops, conference rooms and architectural environments.

Claypaky is a brand name known to the whole world! Thanks to the extraordinary solutions, a variety of effects, accurate focus, purity of the light beams, and movement precision offered by its products, the company has revolutionised the production of the most spectacular shows in the world!

Throughout its existence, Claypaky has received more than 45 prestigious international awards and acknowledgements for the innovative solutions used in its products and quality of service.

Claypaky lighting effects are widely used in the entertainment industry and architectural lighting, including, theatres, television, various events, exhibitions, conferences as well as the design of clubs, theme parks, stores, commercial centres, car dealerships, and others.

During its operation, Claypaky has created a number of innovative and successful products which are often being reproduced throughout the world. In such matters Claypaky has always maintained a consistent attitude by taking a determined step forward: constantly releasing new products, maintaining constant excellence in terms of quality, concentrating production only in Italy and protecting company values. 

Claypaky quality is not only a word, but it also has a tangible value which is assured by meticulous control over all components and production processes until the final product becomes reality.