3S joins the User Community of Clay Paky and grandMA2


January 2016

The copmpany 3S is one of the most experienced Latvian companies in the industry, which has been in the rental business for years and supplies audio and stage lighting equipment as well as stage constructions to various events - concerts, shows, corporate events, and others.

SGS Sistēmas has been a business partner of this company for years. Each year 3S improves and develops its technical supply by paying attention to quality, functionality, and recognisability of the equipment.

In 2014, the company already purchased 16 Clay Paky Sharpy beam lights which established a new industry standard all around the world right after their introduction. Today, there are hundreds of replicas and copies of these Clay Paky beam lights all around the world; however, 3S made a decision not to go with cheap Chinese copies, but to purchase equipment which meets the technical demands of light designers servicing concert tours. The next significant addition of lighting equipment was the purchase of 16 Clay Paky Mythos hybrid lights in 2015.

The range of lighting equipment offered by 3S had been growing significantly over the years and therefore they faced a need to acquire new lighting control consoles which would meet the future needs of lighting designers. For this reason, in January 2016, board member and lighting department director of 3S Agris Galiņš made a decision to purchase an MA Lighting grandMA2 lighting control console.

GrandMA2 lighting control system is one of the most commonly used lighting systems in the world. Thanks to the wide range of networking possibilities, operational safety and excellent backup function, grandMA2 is choice No. 1 for the lighting designers of all of the biggest shows in the world starting from the Olympic Games opening ceremonies and Eurovision shows to the concert tours of the biggest stars in the world.  

Supplied Equipment:

  • 1 x MA Lighting grandMA2 Light – lighting control console
  • 16 x Clay Paky Sharpy – moving beam lights
  • 16 x Clay Paky Mythos – moving hybrid lights
  • 60 x Chauvet ColorDash Batten Quad 6 – LED luminaires