Krustpils House of Culture

Installation of Technological Stage Equipment 


November 2011

The Krustpils House of Culture was opened on 20 March 1959 and it was the first newly constructed building of the 7-year plan, in what at that time was known as Krustpils District. The house of culture also housed a library and movie theatre.

After Krustpils and Jēkabpils were merged in 1962, the house of culture changed its name to Jēkabpils District House of Culture. The current name has only been in use since 1 January 1999, when title to the Jēkabpils District House of Culture was legally transferred to Jēkabpils City. The change of the name was proposed by employees as the name Jēkabpils was already being used in the name of the other cultural institution of the city - Community House.

Today the Krustpils House of Culture is one of the largest cultural institutions not only in Jēkabpils Municipality, but also in the whole region. Around 350 amateurs are involved in various artistic groups and other organisations of the house of culture. The building also hosts: city anniversary celebrations, annual children festivals, road shows of professional artists, concerts as well as various other entertainment events. The Krustpils House of Culture also manages the open-air stage which is located on Krustpils Island.

In 2011, it was reconstructed. The building itself was not modified, just refreshed and improved. The territory around the building was landscaped as well. A car park and a miniature square with benches was arranged in front of it.

The renovation process also included the installation of completely new technological stage equipment – the upper stage and lower stage machinery, audio system, stage lighting system, video projection system, and recording studio equipment. The contractor of the project Jēkabpils PMK chose SGS Sistēmas as their partner for this job.

To ensure high-quality functionality of the house of culture, technical staff of SGS Sistēmas engaged in a discussion with the workers of the Krustpils House of Culture to fully understand their desires and daily work specification before installation of the equipment. The aim was to ensure that after renovation this building would become one of the most functional houses of culture in the region, by paying particular attention to meeting their daily needs and making their work easier.

Together we managed to develop a detailed design of the technological stage equipment for the renovated house of culture which was then also fully and successfully implemented.

The installation works were carried out for six months, including complete development of the design, installation of cable lines, installation of the stage upper machinery as well as installation of audio, lighting, and video equipment in several halls of the house of culture:

  • The Large Hall;
  • The Dance Hall;
  • The Movie/ Rehearsal Hall;
  • Sound Recording Studio.

The house of culture was equipped with modern Midas audio and MA Lighting lighting control systems, Turbosound speaker systems, Beyerdynamic wireless and wired microphones, Selecon stage floodlights, Clay Paky beam lights, Hall Stage upper stage machinery, and a variety of other equipment.

Supplied equipment:

  • Turbosound – speaker systems and stage monitors;
  • MC² Audio – amplifiers;
  • Midas – audio mixers;
  • Beyerdynamic – wireless and wired microphones;
  • MA Lighting – lighting control console;
  • Strand Lighting – dimmers;
  • Selecon – stage floodlights;
  • Clay Paky – beam lights;
  • Hall Stage – upper stage machinery and curtain mechanism;
  • AluStage – mobile stage podiums;
  • Cronenberg – fireproof stage fabrics;
  • Mitsubishi – video projectors.