An impressive addition to the 3S range of LED-based moving lights

March 2019

3S is a long-term partner of SGS Sistēmas and an experienced business specialising in full-service technical support for concerts, exhibitions, festivals, corporate and other events, from large to small, where professional technical support and solutions are required.

Keeping up with the market requirements, the company regularly updates its range of rental equipment with relevant sound and lighting equipment, paying special attention to brand reputation and the performance and quality of the equipment.

To enhance the competitiveness of the company by being able to supply 2 to 3 small events simultaneously and providing technical support for events where the stage design requires a large number of single-type units of equipment, the management of 3S decided to expand its range of rental lighting equipment.

Key criteria revealed by the market research were: spot type moving light with LED light source, as high as possible light output, low weight and small dimensions, as well as competitive price when bought in large quantity.

Although there is fierce competition in the Latvian event equipment market and the lowest price and cheap Chinese-made products are often favoured over quality, the management of 3S opted for 72 units of Clay Paky AXCOR SPOT 300 LED-based moving lights.

The arguments in favour of this choice were:

  1. Prior successful experience with Clay Paky equipment;
  1. The balance of performance, quality and price of the AXCOR SPOT 300 equipment, resulting in increased quality of service at the same price;
  1. Clay Paky equipment is popular with professionals around the world, thus, if required for supplying large projects, the company will be able to rent additional units of equipment from other Baltic states or Europe;
  1. The use of Clay Paky equipment is included in the technical riders of world-famous artists and cannot be replaced with low-cost Chinese copies, risking the company's reputation.

Furthermore, 3S has made an excellent choice – the AXCOR SPOT 300 moving headlights are a part of the new Clay Paky AXCOR product family, which in 2018 won LDI Award “Best New Line of LED Products” at America’s leading design and technology tradeshow and conference.

Delivered equipment:

72 x Clay Paky AXCOR SPOT 300 – LED-based moving lights



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