• GaCo Skaņu un gaismu serviss, SIA (the name was later changed to SGS Sistēmas, SIA) is founded on 13 December 1999;
  • The office and warehouse of the company is housed in an industrial area of Riga within the territory of the former VEF factory, where it stays for almost six years.


  • We visit our first international exhibition for professional equipment – PLASA 2000 in London.  During the following years, representatives of the company frequently attend the most significant exhibitions in the industry throughout the Europe;
  • SGS Sistēmas engages in business with several long-known and respected manufacturers in the audio equipment industry – Turbosound, Klark Teknik Group, and Beyerdynamic. Through this step, the company has clearly marked its vision to supply only high-quality products and services. 


  • Participation in the Māja 1 exhibition which is held at the Kipsala International Exhibition Centre; 
  • Cooperation started with one of the leading manufacturers of stage lighting equipment – Clay Paky.


  • We pay a visit to Clay Paky’s manufacturing plant to get to know the whole range of products and attend equipment maintenance service courses. This is the beginning of our commitment to regularly visit the manufacturing plants of the most significant producers to study all of the products in detail, master their application and operation, and attend service maintenance courses.


  • SGS Sistēmas enters into an agreement with Clay Paky to become its exclusive representative in Latvia;
  •  The first Clay Paky presentation for industry members in Latvia is organised at the Riga Congress Centre.


  • SGS Sistēmas becomes the exclusive representative in Latvia for the leading manufacturer of lighting control equipment in the world – MA Lighting. Representatives of the company together with several Latvian lighting designers visit MA Lighting training courses in Paderborn, Germany;
  • The company changes its name to SIA SGS Sistēmas, as well as its logo. The change is motivated by the desire to better reflect the scope of work done by company. The abbreviation SGS is created from the first letters of three words – skaņa, gaisma, and skatuve (sound, light, and stage);
  • The company moves its office to new premises at 4 Plēnes Street, Riga, LV 1046. The warehouse is also moved to a place close to the new office building.



  • A seminar is organised for the presentation of products from several world class producers with the participation of their representatives (Selecon, MA Lighting, Rosco and Clay Paky). The company has organised product presentations and equipment training courses for industry members before, but this is the first seminar on such a large scale both in terms of the topics and attendance, which later also becomes a regular annual event.


  • Due to the increasing the scope of activity and operations, a new warehouse and larger service is opened at SGS Sistēmas’s office building. The office, warehouse, and service centre are all now located at 4 Plēnes Street, Riga;
  • A project of national importance is awarded to the company – the supply and installation of the lighting system for the renovated Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre. This is one of the largest projects of the year in Latvia and SGS Sistēmas supplies products from Clay Paky, Selecon, Major and ADB Lighting.  


  • SGS Sistēmas organises an annual Stage and Conference Technology Seminar at the Palladium concert hall. The seminar has the broadest programme yet, covering both general educational topics, presentations of the latest products and training sessions for work using equipment from several audio and lighting equipment manufacturers. The seminar continues for three days and reaches a new attendance record – around 300 industry professionals.


  • The company carries out design, installation, and staff training for the technical equipment supplied to the Embassy of Latgale GORS. This is the largest project in Latvia since the restoration of independence in terms of design and installation of technical equipment for a new concert hall as well as the first project in Latvia which includes the MA Lighting light control network and Midas digital audio control network. Products from Clay Paky, Selecon, d&b Audiotechnik, Turbosound, MA Lighting and Midas are used in the project;
  • Design works are completed for the renovation of the Riga Congress Centre. SGS Sistēmas carries out design works for the stage and its equipment, the active acoustic system, the auditorium audio and video equipment, stage lighting systems, conference equipment as well as communication and notification systems.


  • SGS Sistēmas obtains the rights to carry out the design of the stage lighting system at the Vidzeme Concert Hall Cēsis


  • SGS Sistēmas becomes the exclusive representative of MA Lighting in Estonia, thus expanding the company’s territorial breadth. A MA Lighting presentation is organised in Tallinn at the Kultuurikatel for all the interested members from the Estonian entertainment industry. For operations in Estonia, the company hires a local regional sales manager – product specialist of MA Lighting.


  • SGS Sistēmas team has been entrusted with the development and establishment of the technical solution for the lighting system of the exposition in Riga Motor Museum, which is one of the most ambitious recent museum reconstruction projects in the Baltics;
  • In the concert hall Palladium, a seminar on stage technologies Lighting the Stars, with the participation of the prominent world-recognised lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe, is being organised;
  • SGS Sistēmas becomes the MA Lighting representative in Lithuania and thereby – in all of the Baltic states.


  • November. A new initiative has been started – the travelling seminar on stage technologies Roadshow. The aim – to identify the needs of potential clients in the municipalities of Latvia. To educate and inform people about the products of Clair Brothers, Midas, and MA Lighting and about the current events in the field. We visited Kuldīga, Rēzekne, Valmiera, and Jelgava;
  • 15 May. SGS Sistēmas organises the first presentation of MA Lighting products, which takes place in Vilnius.


  • SGS Sistēmas becomes the official representative in the Baltics of manufacturing companies: Bubblebee Industries (Denmark), Stage Smarts (Sweden), Luminex (Belgium) and the official representative of ADB Stagelight (France) in Latvia.



  • SGS Sistēmas join the family of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with aiming to take part in solving important issues for the industry;
  • Celebrating SGS Sistēmas 20th business anniversary.​