LCA Latvian College of Culture

Stage technical equipment upgrades at the Latvian College of Culture 

December 2018

The Latvian College of Culture at the Latvian Academy of Culture (LAC LCC) is one of the experiences – and tradition-richest colleges in Latvia, offering competitive, market-orientated education in the domain of culture.

They describe themselves as "the best place to study creative industries".

One of the study programmes of the LAC LCC is Culture Management with a wide array of specialisations: from performing arts, photo and video production and technical production to media production and music management.

Thanks to its team of teaching staff, the dedication to keeping up with the times and successful cooperation with industry players, the college prepares specialists who can enter the labour market with theoretical knowledge of the production of local and international events, as well as practical skills in the selection and application of the latest technical equipment - stage design elements, sound and lighting equipment, including knowledge of programming and maintenance of lighting control and concert and event sound systems.

In support of the efforts by LAC LCC to create a suitable technical base for the education process, SGS Sistēmas participated in the procurements organised by LAC LCC under the Latvian Academy of Culture project "Modernisation of Study Programmes of the Latvian Academy of Culture and the Latvian College of Culture" financed from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget and was awarded the contract to supply stage lighting and professional sound equipment.

The team of SGS Sistēmas is pleased to play a part in the development of education, offering the best for the students – the opportunity to use world-class stage lighting and sound equipment as chosen by professionals.

Supplied Equipment:

  • 4 x       Clay Paky Axcor Spot 300 – LED-based moving lights;
  • 6 x       Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash – LED moving wash light;
  • 2 x       Swefog Duramax Intellahazer 1k8 – haze generator;
  • 4 x       ClairBrothers kiT12i – loudspeaker;
  • 2 x       Clair Brothers kiT-Sub – sub-low frequency loudspeaker;
  • 1 x       Clair Brothers PLM 12k44 – power amplifier;
  • 1 x       Midas M32 – digital mixing console;
  • 1 x       Midas DL 32 – input/output stage box;
  • 2 x       Turbosound iQ12 – loudspeaker;
  • 1 x       Beyerdynamic TG 500 Set – wireless microphones;     
  • 2 x       Tannoy AMS 8 DC – loudspeaker;
  • 1 x       Lab.Gruppen Lucia 240/2 – power amplifier.