Jelgava Culture House

New lighting equipment for Jelgava Culture House


August 2016

Jelgava Culture House first opened to visitors in 1963. Since then the Culture House has grown not only in terms of visitors, but also visually – beginning in 2003 the building’s interior and façade have been undergoing renovation.

After merging Jelgava City Council Culture Centre, Jelgava Culture House and the Culture House Rota, in 2002 a new establishment emerged – Kultura Culture House of Jelgava City Municipality. The new culture house boasts significant events such as the International Ice Sculpture Festival, International Sand Sculpture Festival, Latvian Milk, Honey and Bread Festival, Milk Carton Boat Regatta, International Sculpture Festival Otra elpa, Plant Days and the Jelgava City Festival.

The Jelgava Culture House has five halls (spectators’ hall, dancing halls, rehearsal halls, etc.), which gives space for many collectives of dance, music and other performing arts.
For many years, Jelgava Culture House has been cooperating with major Latvian professional theatres, which perform on tours in Jelgava to entertain its citizens. The Culture House also hosts concerts with famous Latvian musicians.

The Culture House regularly hosts events of various sizes and themes – amateur shows, dance and theatre shows, concerts of various music genres, social gatherings, etc. The diversity of events sets the tone for the necessity of stage lighting equipment, because the lighting is unique for every event. It has to be taken into account that events are organised both inside the Culture House and outside – in the city.

Kultura Culture House of Jelgava City Municipality together with its service staff plans, improves and makes additions to the technical equipment of the Culture House with various necessary and modern technologies. To see the latest state of the art technical possibilities and to understand what kind of equipment is necessary to ensure the everyday functioning of the Culture House, in April 2016 the lighting designer of the Culture House, Karlis Freibergs, visited the largest professional industry fair – Pro Light & Sound - in Frankfurt. The fair gave the opportunity to experience the latest in stage lighting and to do the most important task – compare the offer presented by different manufacturers.

SGS Sistēmas have already established cooperation with Jelgava Culture House by supplying stage curtain mechanisms and non-flammable stage curtains, as well as various lighting equipment – profile, PC and Fresnel lens luminaires (Selecon, Robert Juliat), as well as movable lights (Clay Paky).

Following the Jelgava City Municipality’s call for bids, SGS Sistēmas was selected to supply various lighting equipment for the Culture House, according to its necessities. This is an important addition to the Culture House, since different types of equipment was chosen to make events more interesting and varied: profile luminaires (Selecon Pacific), LED-based movable lights (Clay Paky A.Leda B-Eye K10) and arc-lamp movable lights (Clay Paky Alpha Profile 800ST and Mythos).

Installed equipment:

  •  8 x Selecon Pacific – beam shaping zoomspot;
  •  7 x Clay Paky A.Leda B-Eye K10 – LED based moving light;
  •  2 x Clay Paky Alpha Profile 800ST – beam shaping moving light;
  •  2 x Clay Paky Mythos – hybrid moving light.