Partners of Cronenberg include theatres, opera houses, stage designers, event agencies, architects, and engineers who are offered a wide range of individually created and fireproof textiles - stage curtains, wings, floor surfaces, projection screens, acoustic and sound insulating fabrics and blinds as well as complete installation constructions.

The company also produces printed textile, load-bearing constructions, and assembly parts for mobile banners, tents, and pavilions for exhibitions and social events. Molton sound-proof and light-proof fabrics are available in various colours, offered in rolls with a width up to 3 m and weight of only 300 g/m2.

Dance floors with a width of 2 m and length of 30 m are available together with a suitable colour seam tape.

Along with the various individual offers, Cronenberg also offers a wide range of standard stage textiles and fibreglass fabrics which comply with German fire safety requirements.

Acknowledging the 80 years of experience, Cronenberg products are frequently ordered by major European theatres and used in famous productions, shows, and presentations. Products may also be found in remarkable architectural objects as well as large concerts and other events.