Open-air concert hall Mītava

Safe stage machinery for a new Open-air concert hall Mītava


June 2019

Since 2014, when to visitors was opened of the 9 hectares large Pasta Island (Postal Island) – multifunctional cultural and recreation site in Jelgava, important events of the town: Sand Sculpture Festival, Ice Sculpture Festival and various concerts are held here annually. With the launch of the open-air concert hall on 14 June 2019 in Jelgava was presented a unique public space, which opens up more opportunities to organise events than before.

The open-air concert hall can be accessed via a pedestrian bridge that connects the town with Pasta Island. Both objects – the bridge and the concert hall are carrying the historical name of Jelgava - Mītava (from German - Mitau).

The task of the SGS Sistēmas was to create the upper machinery of the open-air concert hall, the switching network of the stage lighting system and electrical distribution panels. To ensure the fabric outfit of the stage and rigging system including assembly of all the required networks that enable easy and quick installation of the required devices by equipment rental companies that will service events here. SGS Sistemas delivered and installed Chain Master BGV-D8 + safety class electric chain hoists with the remote wireless control system. To ensure the safe operation of the system, all the attachment points were equipped with load control devices. We installed a Milos aluminium truss and six bars for the lifting of light equipment to ensure the assembly of lights. Stage Smarts 48-channel power distribution system SmartPDU 48, Luminex DMX signal distributors LumiSplit 2.10 and Major Lighting One Plus power regulators (dimmers) were used to develop the lighting connection network. Fire-resistant Trevira CS fibre fabric was used for the stage outfit.

Delivered and installed equipment:

  • 12 x ChainMaster BGV- D8+ 500kg, 14 m – electric chain hoists;
  • 6 x ChainMaster BGV-D8+ 250kg, 13 m – electric chain hoists;
  • 12 x ChainMaster CM-504751 – loud control device;
  • 1 x ChainMaster CM-850 Series remote wireless control system;
  • 1 x StageSmarts smartPDU 48 – power distribution system;
  • 12 x Major Lighting One Plus – power regulator (dimmer);
  • 2 x Luminex LumiSplit 2.10 – DMX signal splitter;
  • 1 x Miloš QTL, QTB – set of aluminium trusses;
  • 1 x AV Stumpfl – video projection screen;
  • 1 x Cronenberg Stage Molleton CS – fire-resistant stage textile.
More about Open-air concert hall Mītava

Open-air concert hall Mītava is an original work of architects, designers, building construction manufacturers and builders, which is unique, not only in the context of the Baltic states. The shape of the roof of the concert hall resembles a mollusc shell. Large size panels of bent laminated wood have been used for the roof constructions, with the length of a single span reaching as much as 60 metres. The solution of the roofing material is also unusual – it is made of a high-quality membrane with high durability, tensile strength and bursting strength rates by an Italian company Canobbio Textile Engineering.

Mītava is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also highly functional. The concert hall features excellent acoustics, 700 visitor seats that can be supplemented with 500 more seats; furthermore, it is a great alternative to Dzintari Concert Hall, since adverse weather conditions will no longer be able to affect the events held here.

It should be noted that the development of Pasta Island received the highest rating of the year 2014 Latvian Construction Industry Annual Award in the Public Open-Air Site nomination. The authors of the project are D. Zalane of Diānas Zalānes projektu birojs (Diāna Zalāne Design Bureau) and V. Grietens of Projektu birojs Grietēns un Kagainis (Design Bureau of Grietēns and Kagainis),