Hanzas Perons

New multifunctional space for culture – Hanzas Perons


2019 August

Hanzas Perons – the former warehouse of the Riga cargo railway station opened its doors to visitors in August 2019 as a new destination for cultural events.

The last shipment of goods in this building was reloaded in 2009, designing began in 2016, and reconstruction works in 2017.   The author of the rebuilding and restoration of the former cargo railway warehouse is the architectural office Sudraba Arhitektūra (Silver Architecture), which has adapted the building to its new functions while respecting its history and the industrial heritage.

The building’s more than 100 years long historic image has been enriched with clever references to its original functionality and complemented with modern architectural solutions that open up new possibilities for the building – the possibility to organise cultural and educational events, such as concerts, exhibitions, conferences and other events.

Hanzas Perons is undoubtedly a positive feature in the new Riga territory New Hanza. It is a place where the history of the city meets the modern age, creating a special atmosphere where people want to dwell.

The total area of the building is 4400 m2, out of which 2800 m2 are available to the public, with a maximum capacity of 2000 visitors. The large hall (1230 m2) of Hanzas Perons can be divided into three smaller halls with the help of mobile walls, which allows event organisers to have a wider range of possibilities in terms of scenarios and stage locations.

60 different companies were involved in the creation of Hanzas Perons, including SGS Sistēmas that ensured delivery of ten ChainMaster BGV-D8+ 500 kg electric hoists and Milos aluminium trusses. Using these hoists and aluminium trusses, Hanzas Perons will be able to have the necessary attachment points and lines for installing stage lighting, decorations and fabric in places where the stage will be installed.

To provide better acoustics by avoiding unwanted sound reflection, SGS Sistēmas provided the fabric outfit for the stage made from the fireproof Cronenberg Trevira CS fibre. It will serve both as an absorbing material for sound reflections and as a decorative / covering or separating element at the back of the stage or anywhere else within the room.

Delivered and installed equipment:

  • 10 x ChainMaster BGV-D8 + 500kg / 8m – electric chain hoists;
  • 1 x Briteq RICO-V4 – controller;
  • 1 x Miloš QTV – aluminium truss kit;
  • 1 x Cronenberg Fulda CS – fireproof stage fabrics;
  • 12 x SGS Sistemas Transport Case – transport boxes. ​