Beyerdynamic was founded in 1924 when electrical engineer Eugen Beyer created a company for the production of cinema speakers in Berlin. His own made Elektrotechnische Fabrik Eugen Beyer was the initial form of the now world leading and widely popular headset, microphone, and conference system producer Beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. Kg. For 90 years the successors of Eugen Bayer have followed the traditions of the company and values of its founder and pioneer of the whole industry.

The wide list of achievements reached by the company may be explained by its constant drive to create innovative products and develop existing technologies.

German quality standards apply to all development and production processes of the company, which are ensured by more than 180 highly qualified specialists – designers and engineers. Most of the products are handmade.

Every product made by the company proves the true passion, experience, and knowledge of its employees as well as their desire to achieve perfect sound. Today the name Beyerdynamic has become synonymous with a wide range of high-quality professional audio products – the company offers both microphones and headsets for recording studios and stages as well as premium home audio systems and compact portable solutions (in-ear) for hi-fi sound on the move.

Conference audio systems made by the company may now be found in conference centres throughout the whole world.