Klark Teknik



The company was founded by brothers Phil and Terry Clarke in 1974. Their innovative approach to the audio design and development of the existing products allowed them to bring truly revolutionary solutions to the audio world.

One of the first signal processors in the world was created in their factory and the descendants of this device are used all around the world up till today.

The ideas and solutions for the equalisation of sound signals created by the founders of Klark Teknik changed the world of professional audio systems and resulted in unique products such as DN370 and the world-famous DN360.

Today, Klark Teknik is continuing the development of innovative products in audio design and engineering as well as improving the quality of sound both in analogue and digital systems.

By choosing products from Klark Teknik the customer may be sure that their money has been spent on devices with an unusually long service life and high added value.

Today, Klark Teknik is a part of the Music Group holding company.