Stage Smarts AB


Stage Smarts is a privately held company located in Sweden, founded in 2015 by Mats Karlsson and Erik Davidson. Since the very beginning, Stage Smarts mission has been to create world-class products for the 21st century.

Stage Smarts focus on power and power distribution, the essential and critical foundation for all the technologies used in the equipment rental and staging industry.

At the beginning of activities, the team of the company saw the need to develop many long overdue improvements, so they decided to create vastly better solutions that meet the needs of today’s voluminous and complicated lighting, audio and video systems. Stage Smarts believe that products and solutions should be designed to their purpose, using the best available technologies and conforming to all international standards. This will bring the longest lasting value for products.

Stage Smarts products range includes the award-winning smartPDU series that has proven itself on many high-class concert tours since its launch in 2017. Featuring superior technology and innovative solutions in a very rugged package, truly fit for events.

SmartPDU provides comprehensive real-time load monitoring from any location, of each individual circuit – either via status indicators on the unit itself or remotely via any device with a web browser. Users can, therefore, identify a potential problem before the circuit breaker trips. Safety features include individual RCDs fitted to all outputs, to maximise electrical safety whilst also minimising the impact of an electrical fault. In addition, loss of neutral protection prevents costly damage to connected loads caused by over-voltages.

The company's customers are lighting, video and audio companies across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and beyond, however, Stage Smarts continues to evolve, focusing on developing user-friendly and state-of-the-art equipment.