Ventspils Culture Centre

One of the first grandMA3 consoles goes to Ventspils

September 2018

Ventspils Culture Centre is one of several versatile culture organisations in the City of Ventspils engaging in the cultural aspects of city life under the auspices of Ventspils City Council.

One of the priorities of the centre, implemented with considerable success, is the fostering of amateur art. This is demonstrated by the fact that Ventspils Culture Centre hosts a total of 54 creative collectives - choirs, folklore groups, dance collectives, music bands, brass bands, song choirs of different nationalities, theatre, etc. All collectives offer high-quality artistic performances and participate in various events, promoting the involvement of residents of the city in the cultural life.

Another priority of Ventspils Culture Centre is to ensure the diversity and accessibility of the events to everyone at suitable venues across the city such as the Town Hall Square, the Port Promenade, Reņķa Garden, Mill Square and Market Square, which are suitable for the large-scale events (Ventspils City Festival, the Festival of the Sea, Kurland Bike Meet, etc.) organised by the centre. Meanwhile, the indoor premises of Ventspils Culture Centre hosts not only concerts and thematic events, but also seminars and conferences.

To continue providing advanced technical support for the cultural events, Ventspils Culture Centre chose the latest stage lighting system by MA Lighting, the grandMA3, which is currently the last word in the industry and highly anticipated by light design specialists.

The hype surrounding grandMA3 is a result of the success of its predecessor grandMA2, the choice of lighting engineers around the world. Equally important are the claims by its manufacturer MA Lighting that grandMA3 is an important step forward in terms of performance and functionality.

Ventspils Culture Centre is currently the second culture institution in Latvia to proudly own such a modern example of light control equipment. Specialists of SGS Sistēmas helped with the training for the use of the system.

Delivered equipment:

  •  1 x MA Lighting grandMA3 Light - Light control console