The theatre house «Jūras Vārti»

The Sea Gates are open for grandMA3


September 2018

The theatre house Jūras Vārti (Sea Gates) is a modern, dynamic and internationally acclaimed regional culture centre operated by the Municipal Limited Liability Company Kurzemes Filharmonija since 2009.

The hosts of the house are tasked with offering various types of professional stage arts to the residents and guests of Ventspils, including theatre, opera, ballet, classical, popular, experimental, folk and other types of music concerts, visual and new media art exhibitions, as well as promoting the development of professional interdisciplinary projects and activities.

Jūras Vārti is home to the Chamber Choir Ventspils – a participant of many international choir competitions and a collective with great creative potential and a strong spirit. The theatre house is also the home of Ventspils Chamber Orchestra and Ventspils Big Band. Both collectives successfully participate in joint projects with popular artists of Latvia and the Chamber Choir Ventspils.

Ventspils Big Band has played with local artists – Intars Busulis, Jānis Stībelis, Laima Vaikule, Daumants Kalniņš, maestro Raimonds Pauls, to name a few, as well as internationally acclaimed artists, such as the Grammy award winner Magnus Lindgren (Sweden), Gerhard Ornig (Austria), Eran Har Even (the Netherlands), Daniel Cacija (Austria) and others.

The theatre house frequently hosts performances and concerts by guest artists, therefore the choice of a suitable lighting control console was essential.

An important factor in the consideration was the fact that professionals of the biggest venues in Latvia and abroad currently choose the grandMA2 lighting control system by MA Lighting, which is compatible with the latest-generation grandMA3. Consequently, this will allow the lighting engineers of the guest artists to successfully integrate their show files prepared on the grandMA2 system into the new grandMA3.

It is worth noting that Jūras Vārti is the first culture venue in Latvia equipped with the grandMA3 professional stage lighting control system.

As usual, SGS Sistēmas ensured the delivery of the equipment and training of the technical staff.

Delivered equipment:

  •  1 x MA Lighting grandMA3 Full size - Light control console