Cultural Centre of Līvāni District

New stage equipment for the cultural centre Livani


June 2009

The Cultural centre building of Līvāni district was built in 1973 as a film theatre, but has been adapted over time to suit the needs of a cultural house.

In 2000, alongside Līvāni district the Cultural centre of Līvāni district was also established merging four cultural institutions – the former town cultural house (currently the Cultural centre of Līvāni district), Rožupe cultural house, Zundāni community house, and Turki community house.

In 2009, following the renovation of the Cultural centre, Jersika cultural house, Sutri cultural house, and Rudzāti gathering house were also added to the Cultural centre.

Currently the Cultural centre of Līvāni district actively organises and supports activities of folk arts and other creative amateur groups, preserves and protects the traditional culture, organises theatre performances and concerts, national holiday, historical, social tradition, as well as entertainment events.

In 2006 Līvāni District Council decided to close the Cultural centre for renovation until 2009.

SGS Sistēmas also participated in the renovation process of the Cultural centre.

Owing to successful cooperation both with the local authorities, and the general contractor SIA Jēkabpils PMK, a completely new design was developed regarding the stage machinery and lighting equipment of the large hall.

In the course of the renovation, the Cultural centre of Līvāni district was provided with state-of-the-art, multi-functional equipment for successfully holding events of different types and character.

The Cultural centre of Līvāni district currently has one of the largest cultural house stages in Latvia measuring 12x12 metres and 13.5 metres in height. During the renovation, the stage was equipped with 12 new fly-bars (8 manual hoists with a carrying capacity of 250 kg, 4 electrical hoists with a carrying capacity of 500 kg), as well as an electronically controlled curtain mechanism and new stage drapes.

The main objective of the lighting equipment was to ensure success of the local dance group, choir, and vocal ensemble performances, as well as conferences, festive events, theatre road-shows, and other events. Thus, it was decided to start with the main lighting elements that would provide even stage covering, and additionally a flexible lighting concept was developed that could be quickly adapted to changing conditions and various event types.

Installed equipment:

  • 3 x Strand Lighting Wallrack 24x2.5 kW – dimmers;
  • 1 x MA Lighting grandMA Micro – lighting control consoles;
  • 1 x MA Lighting DMX Booster – DMX signal splitter;
  • 24 x Selecon Rama Fresnel 150   – Fresnel luminaires;
  • 22 x Selecon Rama PC 150 – PC lens luminaires;
  • 4 x Selecon Rama PC 175 – PC lens luminaires;
  • 16 x Selecon Pacific 14-35 – profile luminaires;
  • 4 x Selecon Aurora Cyc 4 – asymmetric halogen floodlights;
  • 16 x DTS Par 64 Classic – PAR-type spotlights;
  • 4 x Electrically hoisted stage battens;
  • 8 x Mechanically hoisted stage battens;
  • 1 x Electrically controlled curtain mechanism.