AED Audio



AED Audio originated from the AED group. AED, standing for Acoustic and Electronic Development, began in the early 1980s with the creation of its own speaker models. Initially, the assembly of the 'original' AED speaker series involved components from various brands. Currently, AED is revitalizing its heritage with a completely new range of products, enriched and devised from the expertise and knowledge of audio professionals. The AED group fully owns AED Audio.

Founded in Belgium in 1985, the AED group started as a dry-hire company offering lighting and sound equipment. Presently, the conglomerate, including divisions like AED Rent, AED Display, AED Distribution, AED Store, AED Lease, AED Second Hand, AED Repair, and AED Studios, is a prominent figure in the audio-visual industry in Europe. It employs over 300 individuals across six countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

Fast forward to today, AED Audio honors its rich legacy with a brand-new, cutting-edge speaker product range. Crafted by our seasoned audio professionals, we are proud to call the AED Audio system the most flexible audio system in the world. Its sound is unparalleled and its uniquely flexible products offer a ‘one system for all’ solution, optimizing asset utilization and returns.

Mission statement

"At AED Audio, we are committed to developing premium audio products that offer supreme quality, flexibility, versatility, efficiency, and user experience for the professional user community."