grandMA3 – new console from the leader in lighting control

One of the world's leading manufacturers of lighting control equipment MA Lighting has announced that during at the international exhibition Prolight + Sound, which will take place from 10 to 13 April in Frankfurt will be presented the latest generation of light control consoles grandMA3, which is a significant step forward in terms of capacity, performance and functionality.

Founded on the legacy of the previous grandMA consoles, the grandMA3 represents a radical re-think of what’s possible from a lighting control platform. The elegant new system-architecture incorporates new fixture, improved workflow, advanced processing technology and effects.

The system features ground-breaking concepts from top industry visionaries, presented within a refined user interface, and is designed to make practical tasks more intuitive. The physical design detail of the grandMA3 range is extraordinary and focused on delivering the best possible user experience, now and into the future.

The grandMA3 has huge multi-touch screen and revolutionary design. The grandMA3 full-size and light models incorporate a sophisticated thermal design, transferring heat to a cooling corridor, which isolates critical components from harmful dust and keeps fan-noise to a whisper.

At the heart of the grandMA3 control system is a powerful new MA designed processing engine featuring high performance Intel® technology. The capacity and power of the cutting-edge hardware is far in excess of current requirements. Using the advanced MA-Net3 protocol, grandMA3 systems can output up to 250,000 parameters.

Success of manufacturer MA Lighting is based on the ability to keep up with the rapidly changing market demands by offering products for tomorrow's market. That's why users around the world are already fond of the grandMA light control consoles and grandMA3 will not be an exception.

If you want to receive your grandMA3 during this year, please harry up – order now!


Date 20.02.2018