NEW! C-series Line Array loudspeaker C10

Clair Brothers introducing C10 Line Array - Latest Addition to C Series loudspeakers

Custom-tailored loudspeakers with one-of-a-kind horizontal waveguides now available: Clair Brothers new line array, C10-TrueFit. A prize-winning, breakthrough innovation, Clair TrueFit Technology is the first modular, bespoke waveguide. A panel of expert judges at InfoComm 2017 recognized the C10’s 12-inch sister speaker, C12-TrueFit, awarding it the prestigious NewBay Media’s ‘Best of Show’ honour. The C10 is nominated for the 2019 honour at InfoComm 2019 show in Orlando, Florida.

The C10-TrueFit represents the latest double 10-inch format midsize line array and an industry first in integration optimization. For those seeking the pinnacle in custom horizontal configurations, Clair TrueFit waveguides are singularly configured, continuously variable waveguides designed-to-order. Modern or classic venues looking for the utmost customization in audio design are wise to give this a serious look.

A Clair TrueFit system design reduces energy wasted on walls and effectively extends the stereo image over a greater audience area. Fewer lateral reflections create greater focus and better intelligibility. System tuning is faster and easier since the acoustical problem of geometric divergence shading is already solved with the TrueFit 3D acoustical solution.


What exactly is TrueFit Technology?

For direct application, a TrueFit array is designed collaboratively with the customer, architectural consultants, and venue staff through a few simple steps. First, the array type and location are determined in a conventional sense and signed off on by the customer. Venue-specific details and other criteria are input into Clair Brothers proprietary design software culminating in the creation of a fluid form waveguide with continuously variable geometry. Explains Josh Sadd, vice president and chief engineer at Clair Brothers, “Rather than quantizing speaker coverage in a stepped sequence of approximate angles, the TrueFit geometric forms are mathematically derived using our proprietary progressive azimuth technology. We use the latest in 3D CAD and produce the custom parts with state-of-the-art 3D CAM software.” Finished waveguides are CNC-milled in-house from Baltic Birch, the superb sounding material used on all Clair waveguides and horns.


True Fit Techology and Clair Brothers products

The C10, like the C12 and C8 (the 8-inch speaker in the C-Series), also features a new transducer technology that offers two solid benefits. One is significant weight reduction, the other a reduction in amplifier channel requirements. These features come with zero technical trade-offs. In fact, these features enhance the ability for the line array to be digitally beam-steered in the vertical plane with F.I.R. processing. The C10, a double 10-inch format line array, offers the benefit that it can be ordered with a variety of horizontal waveguide patterns (as can C8 and C12). Standard C10 factory waveguide is 100° H x 15° V, but a range of horizontal waveguides between 70° and 120° (in 10° increments) are also available.
The result is a perfectly unique, venue-specific loudspeaker array that provides naturally even coverage for audience areas and minimizes architectural reflection and anomalies. “What was once a dream is now possible,” says Mr Sadd.

TrueFit Technology is currently on offer in the following Clair Brothers products:
  • C8-TrueFit (double 8” line array)
  • NEW! C10-TrueFit (double 10” line array)
  • C12-TrueFit (double 12” line array)
  • kiTCurve12-TrueFit (12” curved array, fully custom)
  • kiTCurve12-TrueFit Standard LCR (12” curved array, standardized L-C-R systems designed for ~200-500 seat venues)


Date 17.06.2019