Demonstrate best Clair Brothers loudspeakers

SGS Sistēmas team says a huge thanks to everyone, who participated in the Clair Brothers C Series Line Array audio products presentations which took place in Tallinn, May 11th and Riga, May 14th.

The aim of these events was to give opportunity for the entertainment industry specialists from Latvia and Estonia - sound engineers, audio experts, musicians and companies providing technical support for cultural and entertainment events, to rate high-performance acoustic systems produced by Clair Brothers, an American company and professional sound reinforcement innovator specializing in designing and manufacturing high-quality loudspeaker systems.

For creating an understanding to measure performance of the Clair Brothers acoustic equipment, during the events was played variety styles of music – pop, rock, instrumental music and records by event participants, using such equipment:

  • 4 x C8-M-90; C8-M-120; CS118-M and 1 x Amp Rack (Riga)
  • 4 x C8-M-90; C8-M-120; CS118-M; 1 x Amp Rack; kitCurve12 +; 1AM, 1 AM+ and 1.5AM scene monitor (Tallinn)

Clair Brothers not only technically supports world-class shows, but has also created a wide range of products available to everyone who wants to make their event memorable with a high-class audio system.

Clair Brothers products are still novelty in Latvia and Estonia, but we are confident that the situation will change soon.

Date 18.05.2018