The aim of SGS Sistēmas is not «the more, the better»  approach regarding sales made to customers. We want to offer our customers the most suitable and beneficial solution.

Modern stage technologies become increasingly complex when mutually interacting, and it is essential to have good knowledge of all the details in order to use them to their fullest potential. Our task is to ensure longevity and functionality of the products we distribute, being aware and making use of all the possibilities they provide.

SGS Sistēmas offers comprehensive training programmes which provide customers with in-depth knowledge about stage technologies, digital audio control and stage lighting systems.

The highly qualified experts of SGS Sistēmas provide several training programmes including:

  • stage lighting control systems according to the MA Lighting University training programme;
  • Midas Digital audio control system training programmes.

In addition to training programmes, SGS Sistēmas also regularly organise:

  • product presentations and demonstrations;
  • workshops concerning innovations in the sphere of the entertainment industry;
  • general lectures on stage technologies and their use.

SGS Sistēmas also offer individual consultations regarding a wide range of issues in the area of light, audio, video, and stage machinery.

In 2015, cooperation has been undertaken with the Latvian College of Culture at the Latvian Academy of Culture helping to establish a technical basis for the college’s Light design programme which would meet the requirements of a modern educational process and to provide a training programme based on the MA Lighting University programmes.