Viļķene Cultural Centre

Installation of stage lighting in the Viļķene Cultural Centre


August 2017

In 1945, cultural life in the parish had to be started once again from the beginning. The first cultural centre was established in the premises of the former shop Mežrozīte (former poorhouse), later it was renamed Viļķene People’s house and was located in the postal building. The present-day Viļķene Cultural Centre – located in an office building – was opened on 7 March 1969.

The main task of Viļķene Cultural Centre is to organise folk art groups and to create a publicly available cultural environment in the parish, by maintaining national cultural traditions and values. It is a place where residents of different generations and local entrepreneurs meet to be creative in different acting groups.

Each year, different thematic and traditional events take place here, some of which have 40 year old traditions. Viļķene parish festival and events for the end of season of amateur groups are being celebrated. Once every five years, an event called Himnas Goda diena (“Day of honour for the Hymn”) takes place, which is dedicated to the author of the Latvian hymn, Kārlis Baumanis, who was born in Viļķene.

After receiving EU funding in the LEADER programme in 2014, the stage floor in Viļķene Cultural Centre was replaced and the floor in the audience area was renewed, too.  New, modern audio, lighting and video equipment was purchased, which provides opportunities to organise events of higher quality in the future.

As a result of the procurement, we received the rights to deliver the necessary equipment to the cultural centre. For stage lighting control we used a Strand Lighting control console, which can control both LED spotlights and adjustable linear lighting. However, for the stage lighting we used PAR and fresnel lens spotlights and for background lighting – Showline (Philips) LED spotlights..

Supplied Equipment:

  • 1 x Strand Lighting 200 Plus Series 12/24 – lighting control console;
  • 1 x Strand Lighting Wallrack 24x2.5 – power regulators;
  • 1 x Strand Lighting Accent DMX 4 – control console;
  • 1 x Chauvet Net-X – signal transformer;
  • 4 x Teclumen Curva F1200 ECO – fresnel lens spotlights;
  • 18 x Teclumen Multibeam 600 – spotlights;
  • 5 x Showline SL eStrip 10 – LED spotlights.