The House of Corvée-Peasants

New AV technologies for exposition in the House of Corvée-Peasants


February 2019

The first exhibition in the renovated and restored House of the Corvée-Peasant at the Turaida Museum-Reserve was opened on May 4, 2019, under the remarkable title: “On the Way to the State of Latvia. Corvée-Peasant. Independent Farmer. Citizen” was opened. The exposition, with the help of modern technologies, tells a story of the long road of the Latvian peasant to the statehood of Latvia, and it is a valuable source of reference for both Latvian society and tourists from all around the world.

The specialists from SGS Sistēmas also participated in the creation of the new exposition. Various audio-visual technical solutions were used and in total eight exhibits were equipped with directional and glass-mounted loudspeaker solutions. Handsets of German manufacturer Molitor were installed on three stands for the visitors to listen to the museum-prepared audio-information. Some exhibits were equipped with presence sensors that allow one to experience the atmosphere of the exhibit when entering its operating area. The exposition’s video projection room was also equipped with an appropriate sound system.

The authors of the museum expositions want to convey their artistic vision to the visitors in a way that is as realistic as possible, therefore SGS Sistēmas, as the system planner and installer, offers each project an individual technical solution, providing the most suitable solutions from the wide audio-visual equipment range available on the market.

Delivered and installed equipment: 

  • 1 x BrightSign HD 223 – multimedia network player;
  • 3 x Molitor AP01 - headphone amplifier – player;
  • 3 x Molitor VIA Handset – audio handset;
  • 4 x Molitor CM40 – push buttons;
  • 2 x Heddier IAP-1 – multimedia player;
  • 2 x Heddier Radar sensor 1Z - presence sensor;
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Audio Acouspade – directional loudspeaker;
  • 2 x MSE Audio SD1g – surface-mount loudspeaker;
  • 1 x MSE Audio SD-250 – power amplifier;
  • 4 x Turbosound TCI52-T – loudspeaker;
  • 1 x Turbosound TCS 110B – low-frequency loudspeaker;
  • 2 x Lab. Gruppen Lucia 240/2M – power amplifier;
  • 1 x Ecler IC6 – loudspeaker;
  • 1 x Ecler CA40 – power amplifier;
  • 1 x Ecler NXA 4-400 – power amplifier;
  • 1 x Bose FreeSpace 3 System – a set of loudspeakers
More about the House of Corvée-Peasants project

2015 marked the beginning of the restoration of the former part of Turaida estate – the House of Corvée-Peasants, which was one of the most important projects within the State Enterprise "State Real Estate" programme "100 Addresses for the Centenary of Latvia", and during which the house was restored to its authentic look.

The building, with a length of more than 30 metres, was built in the 18th century and was a place where farmers and horses settled down when they arrived at the estate to perform corvée work. Both the disappearing craftsmanship skills of our ancestry and the best modern technologies were used during the restoration of the building. A part of the house was adapted to the expositions of the Turaida Museum-Reserve. The total area of the building is 363.40 m2. Author of the project: SIA Arhitektes Ināras Caunītes birojs.

As an evaluation of the architect and builder work, the restoration of the Corvée-peasant house won the Best Building of the Year in Latvia in 2018 award in the nomination Reconstruction. The jury recognised the reconstructed architectural monument as an important symbol of the past for future generations.