Latvian National Theatre

Installation of Stagetracker FX Tracking and Audio Localisation System 


May 2013

The Latvian National Theatre is a significant building for every Latvian as on 18 November 1918, the Independence of the Republic of Latvia was proclaimed right there.  

The Latvian National Theatre itself was established a year after - on 30 November 1919.

Construction of the building was launched in 1899 based on a design of Latvian architect A. Reinbergs and was completed in 1902 with the opening of the Second Theatre of Riga.

The Latvian National Theatre is a national level cultural and arts centre, which aims to introduce people to the culture and art of theatre, by putting an emphasis on national values, including, regular productions of Latvian classic and original drama plays.

Today, the theatre is offering a wide and diverse repertoire to various audiences – dramas, musicals, comedies, classical plays, and contemporary experimental theatre shows.

In 2013, SGS Sistēmas supplied the Latvian National Theatre with a Stagetracker FX performer tracking and audio localisation system, which is currently successfully used in many shows and is the only equipment of this kind in the Baltic states.  

After establishing a business relationship with TTA Sound, SGS Sistēmas decided that the best way to promote Stagetracker’s introduction to the market would be proper presentation of this product to the industry professionals. The Latvian National Theatre was interested in testing this system and organised a Stagetrack FX presentation together with SGS Sistēmas and TTA Sound at the theatre, which was attended by many Latvian sound engineers as well as representatives of rental companies and theatres. The presentation included both a theoretical part and practical test, which was carried out during a rehearsal of a theatre play, allowing the visitors to feel the difference in sound between the standard equipment and the Stagetracker system.

The system was tested on a Latvian National Theatre’s play called the Silver Skates, which was performed on ice and thus always making it difficult for the viewers to understand which of the characters were talking at a specific moment. By implementing the Stagetracker system this problem was eliminated immediately.

The Latvian National Theatre was equipped with the Stagetracker FX16 system and Qlab software, which has made the work of sound engineers much easier, as well as has provided them with a tool for the creation of effects. The Stagetracker system is currently used in various different productions - from dramas to musicals.

Supplied equipment:

  • TTA Sound Stagetracker FX16 – performer tracking and audio localisation system.