Ilūkste Open-air Stage

Installation of Choir Podiums at Ilūkste Open-air Stage


August 2012

Ilūkste open-air stage is known today as one of the best modern summer stages in Latvia, which stands out with its elegant architecture and functional layout.

Since the opening, the summer stage has hosted many different events - concerts and dance shows, open-air parties, summer stage concerts, theatre shows, and others.

The new Ilūkste open-air stage was designed and built in 2012 and commissioned in August of the same year.

The open-air stage can seat 710 persons, the dance floor is intended for up to a five-layer circle folk dance pattern and the choir podium may hold up to 200 singers.

The open-air stage is designed to fit into the existing scenic environment by maintaining the existing terrain and improving the banks of the water body as well as landscaping the territory with pavements, a footbridge, greenery, and lighting.

Similar to any Latvian open-air stage, one of the main priorities of Ilūkste open-air stage was the construction of choir podiums. Usually the choir platform is fixed and may not be broken down, which may be an obstacle for the organisation of other types of events as these constructions take up a lot of space and it is difficult to build a stage or get an even surface above them, which is necessary, for example, for dancing group performances.

For this reason, it was decided to make the choir podiums mobile constructions, which would also give the stage managers much more flexibility in their application.

SGS Sistēmas created an offer of such mobile podiums which would be multifunctional and not only used by choirs, but also for making other possible configurations of the stage for various events. Within the project, SGS Sistēmas supplied and installed a total of 44 standard sized (2 m x 1 m) mobile podiums and 10 trapezoid podiums fully complying with the trapezium-shaped stage in the case of a configuration for choirs, as well as stage steps. The stage podiums are specially produced for use outdoors, but they may be used indoors as well.

Supplied equipment:

  • AluStage – mobile stage podiums.