A worthy addition to GaCo's arsenal of rental equipment


20 September 2019

The name GaCo is well known in the Latvian event industry. The company has been active on the market since 1997 and specialises in the provision of technical equipment for corporate events, which is often far more complicated than building a concert stage according to a technical rider.

The experience is there. Among the events, the company has worked on in 2019 alone are iNovuss2019, Summer Sound, Positivus, Riga City Festival, Nature’s Concert Hall and the TET Riga Marathon, as well as large-scale corporate events, etc. Another testimony to the professionalism of GaCo’s team is the creative excellence awards Lauru LaPPA presented annually by the Latvian Event Producers’ Association (LaPPA). This year, the company received awards for Excellent Event Lighting and Excellent Event Sound that were presented during an official ceremony at the new multifunctional culture centre Hanzas Perons, which has already become a popular venue for events.

When Hanzas Perons picked GaCo as one of its cooperation partners, its demands included ensuring sound in all three halls, which, depending on the event scenario, can be combined into two halls or one long hall (1230 m2) with the use of mobile walls. Each of the halls is fully equipped for organising different types of events without interfering with events taking place in the adjacent halls.

To satisfy these specific needs, the company used the Clair Brothers kiT Curve 12+ acoustic systems, which have excellent sound quality and performance and are intended for use in large areas as a connected system and in smaller areas as separate units of the acoustic system. The company had a chance to test a demo version of the Curve 12+ system at Hanzas Perons, which only further solidified GaCo’s decision in favour of purchasing it from SGS Sistēmas.

The entertainment industry is growing. Latvian event organisers and visitors are becoming increasingly demanding, so we are glad that from now on the clients of GaCo will be able to appreciate the excellent performance of the American-made acoustic system by the legendary sound innovators Clair Brothers.

Delivered equipment:

  • 10 x     ClairBrothers kiT Curve 12+ – loudspeakers;
  • 2 x       ClairBrothers kiT 12+ (94) –  loudspeakers;
  • 4 x       Clair Brothers kiT-Sub+ – loudspeakers;
  • 4 x       Clair Brothers kiT-Sub Mini+ – loudspeakers.