Ādaži Cultural Centre

Ādaži Cultural Centre chooses Clair Brothers


September 2019

Ādaži Cultural Centre is a modern, multifunctional cultural establishment and a popular place for events, concerts, exhibitions, conferences and other cultural and educational events, it is also highly valued by the residents of the region, industry professionals and popular musicians and concert producers from Latvia. The centre was commissioned in 2010, however, the sound system installed in the audience hall is outdated and cannot provide a high-quality sound coverage across the hall, which has 400 seats (including the balcony).

When starting to gather information on high-quality audience hall sound system solutions that would meet modern requirements, Māris Vītols (head of the Ādaži Cultural Centre technical department) emphasised, as one of the tasks, the need to replace the current acoustic system that consists of 12 speakers with a more compact one that, if necessary, could be moved to another room or used in an open-air stage setting.

The Ādaži Culture Centre approached us. The task of SGS Sistēmas was to offer a solution that would solve the uneven sound coverage of the existing sound system and provide high-resolution sound. Guntars Blušs from the SGS Sistēmas Pro audio technical support selected the Clair Brothers kiT Curve 12+ sound system as the most suitable for this specific case and developed the most appropriate technical solution for the task.

Clair Brothers kiTCurve12+ is a full range, curved array high output loudspeaker ideal for speech and music reproduction. The kiTCurve12+ is one of Clair Brothers most versatile full-range speakers. kiTCurve design technology is rooted in Clair Brothers CAT (Curved Array Technology). The kiTCurve combines the array ability of the CAT with the portability and versatility of the kiT Series. Exceptional intelligibility, high output performance and durability make the kiTCurve12+ an excellent choice for virtually any indoor or outdoor application.

Before making the final decision, a demo version of the acoustic system developed by SGS Sistēmas was installed in the audience hall of Ādaži Cultural Centre, where it was then tested during several events, and as the head of the technical department of Ādaži Cultural Centre Māris Vītols points out: ‘We are very happy because we can finally work with a compact sound system that is tailored for our premises and fits our needs.’ 

The solution offered by SGS Sistēmas was not only suitable in terms of the limited finances provided to the institution from the state budget, but it also solved the existing sound problem. The new acoustic system is also much more compact than the previous one. It consists of four Clair Brothers kiT Curve 12+ and two Clair Brothers kiT-Sub+ speakers. Each speaker has a built-in power amplifier which allows them to be quickly moved and used separately.

Installed equipment:

  • 4 x       ClairBrothers kiT Curve 12+ – loudspeakers;
  • 2 x       Clair Brothers kiT-Sub+ – loudspeakers.