Tannoy Ltd. is a British manufacturer of loudspeakers and public-address (PA) systems. The company was founded in London in 1962 and has one of the longest histories in the world of audio equipment.

The past 35 years have seen the company base its manufacturing and headquarters in Coatbridge, Scotland where it conceives, designs and manufactures market-leading loudspeaker systems for both professional/commercial install and residential hi-fi markets.

The company is known for its tradition of innovation, most famously for its development and on-going evolution of the Dual Concentric™ point-source transducer and its many derivatives.

Tannoy remains at the forefront of the premium performance loudspeaker market, and notably, does so while maintaining its engineering and manufacturing base in the United Kingdom. This commitment to keeping the brand and its heritage based in the UK is key to the ongoing success and market perception of Tannoy loudspeaker products, underpinned by superior performance, uncompromising build quality and that mission to deliver innovative ‘best-in-class’ products that our customers have come to rely on over not just years but for generations.

Since 2015 Tannoy is a part of the Music Group holding company.