MC² Audio



MC² Audio has been manufacturing technologically innovative amplifiers of the highest quality since 1993, when the original founders Terry Clark and Ian McCarthy first combined their extensive experience in the audio industry to cofound the company.

Already in the first year of its existence, the company launched the MC amplifier series by a presentation at AES (Audio Engineering Society) in Amsterdam. These amplifiers were received enthusiastically, being among the first in the market to be digitally controlled. The very high standards of sonic quality and reliability were set, which all products that followed would have to meet – even today.

From the very first days, products of  MC² Audio enjoyed particular interest from the discotheque and night-club market, where it proved itself capable of maintaining its high performance levels in the most demanding conditions.

In 2007, the merger of MC² Audio and XTA Electronics brought together two of the most well respected English professional audio manufacturing companies, providing new opportunities in audio research and the development of new products.

Research and Innovation continue to be the keywords for the development of MC² Audio in respect to both the entertainment industry and individual home equipment.