MA Lighting



MA Lighting was founded in 1983 and has been constantly growing ever since, becoming the global leader in its own industry. The key to success of the company is its ability to meet the growing demands in a constantly changing industry by always being a step ahead of the others and offering their products for tomorrow.

The company’s integrated system solutions and grandMA/grandMA2 product family have become global industry standards. These awards winning products, which meet the highest professional demands by offering users convenient solutions and excellent quality, are boosting the technological development of the industry. The company has come up with a number of innovative products, which based on their own technological standards, are expanding the possibilities of lighting, visual effects, and video processing. Objectives of MA Lighting have remained the same – functionality, quality, and development.

The company is faithful to its motto the whole is much bigger than the sum of its parts. Every single one of the MA Lighting components is individually developed, perfectly finished and extremely competitive, while a complete MA system is absolutely unique and unrivalled on the market.

MA Lighting does more than just producing and selling products – they also offer professional support for solutions in complicated projects. Services offered by the company include customer training, consultations, and effective assistance in any situation.