Launch the summer concert season with confidence!

Summer is the beginning of a busy season of open-air concerts and live event broadcasts.

To achieve perfect sound and record the memories in high definition, SGS Sistēmas recommends sound engineers choose wind noise reducers by Bubblebee Industries, the ultimate solution for providing event sound and outdoor recording.

Bubblebee Industries founder Poul Mejer, a veteran of the sound recording industry, came across a problem during his professional career – the lack of innovative solutions for ensuring high-quality sound recording in outdoor conditions. The Denmark-based company set out to solve this problem!

Bubblebee Industries specialises in development of wind noise reduction accessories for different intensities of wind. Alongside the Windbubbles covers designed for handheld and/or clip-on (lavalier) microphones, the company also makes the universal WindKiller covers for improving the sound of event hosts, singers, choirs and instruments at outdoor concerts, theatre performances, etc.

The WindKiller covers are available in five different sizes and are compatible with most popular microphone brands, such as: BeyerdynamicAudio-TechnicaSchoeps, DPANeumannShureRødeSankenSennheiser, AudixSony and others.

Camera folks using shotgun (narrow-range) microphones on film sets will appreciate the Spacer Bubble. These covers are designed for use both indoors and outdoors. They are made of a dense mesh fabric with a foam core and a specially designed rubber base. In case of strong wind, the Spacer Bubble can be fitted with an artificial fur cover to provide extra protection.

The slogan found on every Bubblebee Industries product packaging “Designed in Denmark by sound lovers, for sound lovers” and the positive feedback from product users is a testimony to the right way of doing things and a measure of achievements, while for every new user it guarantees an exciting user experience in the future.

For more information on Bubblebee Industries accessories available in our stock, please contact the specialists of SGS Sistēmas.




Date 13.06.2018