DT 240 PRO – new headphones for experts

We are pleased to announce that the manufacturer Beyerdynamic, represented in Latvia by SGS Sistēmas, has introduce with new audio headphones DT 240 PRO designed to suit the needs of creative professionals - podcasters and filmmakers, who want to take full advantage of their equipment’s potential.

A clean deep bass, vivid midrange and defined treble are part of the trusted Beyerdynamic sound signature that each DT 240 PRO comes with. Precise and powerful drivers ensure a high output volume on all devices such as laptops, cameras and studio interfaces.

Superior isolation from background noise and minimal sound leakage make the DT 240 PRO the ideal tool for mobile use and monitoring applications in crowded places. Distractions are eliminated and you don’t distract others!

The durable but lightweight construction makes the DT 240 PRO the perfect companion for any creative enthusiast who cares about reliable sound.

The compact over-ear design respects user’s mobile lifestyle giving true studio performance in any environment.

Ask us for DT 240 PRO - we will provide delivery!




Date 28.09.2017