Axcor – the family of versatile high performance LED lights

Next two months for ClayPaky promises to be very exciting as the company has launched an impressive latest product presentation tour across four continents.

The Axcor series moving lights are one of ClayPaky's latest product - highly modern, versatile and technologically advanced moving heads. They are rationally designed and built to arouse emotions in all fields of entertainment.

ClayPaky chose to use white light sources with very high output and combine them with a system of traditional devices for creating colours and effects. 

Axcor units combine all the practical, maintenance, cost-containment and life-lengthening benefits of LED light, with the projection quality, brightness and image definition required for a top class stage lighting product.

The Axcor LED lights are packed with the most advanced technology in every field, including micro-mechanics and precision optics, powerful and reliable electronics and software, advanced lighting technology, ergonomics, and a pleasant to look. The special attention paid to the design of the LED engine cooling system means Axcor lights can be enclosed in more compact and lightweight bodies than are normal for their power category.

Today, the Axcor family includes a wide range of models with different power outputs, able to cover all application areas. The range from the 110 watts of the Axcor Beam 300 to the 880 watts of the Axcor Profile 900, and comprise the brand new 300W and 500W Profile spotlights. This versatility meets the needs of the biggest stage productions and of small events, and ensures consistency and constant high-quality assembly standards throughout the various power ranges.

Besides the versatility of the power range there is a versatility in terms of functions. Each light in the major classes comes in two versions: a model that puts the emphasis on light output, suitable for touring and events, and a model that enhances colour rendering (CRI 90), which is essential for environments where light quality is fundamental.

If you have additional questions regarding Axcor luminaires or would like to order, please contact us.

Date 27.09.2018