Our own room for product tests and seminars

SGS Sistēmas starts the enlargement and improvement of the premises of the warehouse in Riga, 4 Plenes Street, as a result of which the flooring of the warehouse is being improved and the current warehouse shelving system is being restructured, which will significantly facilitate the stock recording and finding process. For customer convenience, a 40 m² classroom is being set up, which is fully adapted for equipment demonstration and tests.

Besides, a room for seminars and training up to 20 people is also being set up. Equipped with the latest products by Philips Selecon, Chauvet, MA Lighting, Clay Paky, Midas, Tannoy Professional, Beyerdynamic and other producers, which are represented in Latvia by SGS Sistēmas. A video projector and plasma display are available to use in seminars. The range of professional equipment in the classroom is always extended so that clients can get to know the latest products in the world - in the field of lighting, sound and video equipment. For appropriate learning during the Midas Digital and MA Lighting University training programme, there is all the necessary audio and lighting control equipment in the classroom:

  • MA Lighting MA onPC Command Wing
  • MA Lighting dot2 Core
  • Midas M32C
  • Midas M32


Date 22.03.2016