Listen? It sounds premium-grade acoustics!

We are pleased to announce that Clair Brothers - American trailblazers of professional sound reinforcement technology and manufacturers of the industry’s premier loudspeaker systems is about to rock your world with several unique design innovations during C8 European Tour. In addition to the C8 acoustic system demonstration, SGS Sistemas - the official Clair Brothers representative in Latvia and Estonia, will showcase other Clair Brothers products as well, designed for use at concerts, concert halls and other public premises and events.

WHEN: 11th MAY, 2 sessions – 12:00 14:00  
WHERE: Tallinn, Telliskvi street 60a, C1-buiding | Vaba Lava  |

Equipment used in the presentation:

  • C8 Line array system
  • kitCurve12+ Curved array system
  • kit-Series loudspeakers
  • 1AM, 1AM+ and 1.5AM stage monitors

Target audience:

  • companies providing technical support for cultural and entertainment events
  • audio experts, sound engineers, cultural and entertainment professionals
  • audio system designers
  • musicians 


Registration till 10th May, including. FREE ENTRANCE.  

Why this is important?

  • this is an exclusive opportunity to evaluate the high quality and long-term cost-effective performance of acoustic equipment, which is appreciated globally, but is still new in Estonia
About Clair Brothers products

C8 line array system

Following the evolution and success Clair Brothers started with the C15 large format line array cabinet, the company is excited to officially announce the launch of the C12 and C8 line array products; products featuring the next evolutionary step in new mid/high technology. If you’re an installation consultant, this is a dream coming true: The C12 and C8 are available with Clair True Fit Technology horizontal waveguides custom tailored for any specific venue.

The C8 also feature a new transducer technology that offers two solid benefits. One is significant weight reduction, the other a reduction in amplifier channel requirements. Good news: These new features come with zero technical trade-offs. In fact, these features enhance the ability for the line array to be digitally beam-steered in the vertical plane with F.I.R. processing. The C8, a double 8-inch line array,  can be ordered with a variety of horizontal waveguide patterns. Standard factory waveguides will be 90º and 120º, but a range of waveguides between 60º and 140º are also available.

kitCurve12+ curved array system

kiTCURVE12+ is a full range, curved array high output loudspeaker ideal for speech and music reproduction. The kiTCURVE12+ is one of Clair Brothers most versatile full range speakers. kiTCURVE design technology is rooted in Clair Brothers CAT (Curved Array Technology). The kiTCURVE combines the array ability of the CAT with the portability and versatility of the kiT Series. Exceptional intelligibility, high output performance and durability make the kiTCURVE12+ an excellent choice for virtually any indoor or outdoor application. The kiTCURVE12+ has been engineered for optimal individual performance or as part of a multiple cabinet system with added flexibility to mount vertically or horizontally, or on pole mount with subwoofer base.

ONE-Series stage monitors

During Clair Brothers European demo tour, we’ll present two new ‘ONE Series’ stage monitors following in the footsteps of the legendary 12AM stage monitor. The single 12” monitor, known simply as 1AM, is designed to be much more than just a successor to the 12AM. The 1AM is named “1AM” not only because 1AM naturally follows 12AM but also because it’s a coaxial monitor with one common source point for both the low and high frequencies. The 1AM is actually a multipurpose speaker as it embodies all of the necessary characteristics of a stage monitor as well as those necessary for a compact point source application (such as integral pole mount and rigging points). If that’s not enough, the 1AM+ is also available which is the first self-powered monitor speaker in the Clair Brothers line.

While the 1AM boasts tremendous performance and versatility, its sonic performance is exceeded by the 1.5AM, the new single 15” coaxial relative that roars with a 4” diaphragm HF driver and 4” voice coil 15” woofer. The 1.5AM is a dedicated stage monitor and is slightly larger and heavier than the 1AM with the design intent being to create a compact and powerful monitor that appeals to those demanding greater low frequency performance from stage monitors.

About Clair Brothers

Clair Brothers is an American, professional sound reinforcement innovator specializing in designing and manufacturing high-quality loudspeaker systems.

This is what Clair Brothers, the legends of the audio industry, have to say about their work, “We not only create iconic speakers! We construct the sound!”

Clair Brothers is a company which set a goal to craft the world's highest quality audio products. The company boasts focusing an impeccable attention to the detail and nuances, thus getting tremendous sound quality, which is self-evident for Claire Brothers and relatable to each of their products without exceptions.


Date 26.04.2018