Wireless Solution/W-DMX



Wireless Solution Sweden is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless lighting control equipment. More than 350 000 units of the award-winning and highly demanded W-DMX systems have been sold worldwide since the company was founded in 2003, making it an unwritten standard in any wireless lighting control solution. This wireless system makes bigger, more creative, and technically more difficult projects possible, by making the construction more effective and requiring less time and labour force. Wireless Solution is basically the only company on the market offering all of the wireless solutions for complete constructions and now already more than 50 premium class brands are using Wireless Solution original equipment in their end products.

W-DMX is an easily controllable system which reliably transmits DMX, RDM, and Ethernet signals even in the roughest of environments, by dynamically bypassing obstacles of any other transmitters. The company never stops doing research, inventing, and investing in technology development. It proudly carries the Made in Sweden mark on all of its products, while also being the global leader in this market segment.